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Taekwondo a Course to Quality by Doug Cook

Taekwondo a Course to Quality by Doug Cook

” Taekwondo a course to quality” by Doug Cook is an extraordinary book for martial artists, not simply those who practice taekwondo. The subtitle of this book is “Getting Physical and Spiritual Enrichment Through Disciplined Practice,” and while Cook’s particular practice is the art of taekwondo from Korea, I think much of what he composes applies to any martial art, no matter design or native land. This is not a method book, however rather a text that shares the author’s journey and how taekwondo favorably affected his life.

Through Cook’s journey, this book checks out taekwondo and can promote others to explore their own martial art course. Yes, I do think those who practice the Korean arts will enjoy this book one of the most. I personally do refrain from doing taekwondo, however my experiences with my selected art of hapkido are comparable, and when Cook discussed his journeys to Korea, it advised me of my time in the Land of the Early Morning Calm. (Not to point out, it made me a bit homesick to return)

The book is divided into 7 parts. Part One concentrates on what taekwondo is. The author describes it as more than simply striking and kicking, and I discovered myself concurring with much, specifically the value of “Do.” The 2nd part describes a little history of taekwondo, consisting of a little Korean history. Part 3 addresses ending up being an unfaltering specialist of the art. I truly liked this part and believe most professionals can relate the author’s message to their own practice, no matter art. The 4th area of the book has some excellent suggestions targeted at newbies. Because we are all newbies at some part of our art, this chapter benefits everybody, however specifically those beginning their journey. Part 5 is more individual to the author concerning his trainees, experiences, and coworkers. I discovered it a motivating chapter. Part 6 is relatively brief, however supplies some knowledge concerning the economics of the martial arts, something anybody who wishes to make their living by mentor should handle. Part 7, passes on some of the experiences of the author on his training journeys to Korea. Those practicing Korean arts that have actually not yet taken a trip to Korea might be influenced by this chapter to journey themselves to their art’s native land. As I pointed out, it made me consider my time there and made me wish for my next check out.

This was a satisfying well composed book that triggered me to contemplate my own journey in the martial arts. I believe it is an important book for martial artists, specifically those that practice taekwondo or other Korean arts. Absolutely suggested reading for all taekwondo stylists.

Taekwondo a Course to Quality by Doug Cook

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