From Drug abuse to a Life of Compound, Residing In the Back View Mirror by Kim Vazquex

From Drug Abuse to a Life of Compound, Residing In the Back View Mirror by Kim Vazquex

A Point Of View on a Life on Discovering a Life of Compound

” Residing In the Back View Mirror” is a story of dominating the power and toxin of bitterness, anger, tension, isolation, and dependencies. It is a story offering hope and recovery for those captured in a web of discomfort, suffering, psychological vacuum, stress and anxiety, and mental disorder. Kim Vazquez shares her story of vulnerability honestly and openly as she relates the outcomes of youth insecurity, abuse, and rejection.

Deserted by her daddy in her early youth, Kim was left insecure. Her mom ravaged. Kim suffered through her mom’s inefficient relationships, psychological tension, and monetary concerns. She discovered herself in chains to her mom’s out of control years, feeling unfortunate and misconstrued. She later on felt cheated out of her youth as she had actually ended up being a tiny grownup while reassuring her mom through her hard and difficult life. Kim’s was relied on to assist with home tasks, going shopping requirements, and financial resources.

Kim narrates her teenage years and teenager years. She was verbally abused by her daddy, stalked by her grandpa, experienced low self-confidence, and frantically looked for approval from her peers. She quickly discovered herself addicted to alcohol, drugs, misdirected goals, work, continuous activity the requirement for ever-present drama, and looking for the bliss of love through inefficient relationships. She explains a love affair with cannabis, her stress and anxiety attacks, and a cycle of injustice and anxiety.

The subtitle of the book uses want to the reader, “From Drug abuse to a Life of Compound.” Kim’s is a spiritual journey, an expedition, which took a brand-new turn when she picked to break out of the cycle of worry, fear, psychological discomfort, and spiritual insolvency, a choice to alter her life. She picked to look for quality of life, friendliness, and neighborhood. She assists the reader acknowledge the truth of the existence of outdoors spiritual energies through the power of forgiveness as the start of the remediation procedure.

Kim associates her own remediation to an esoteric technique, of therapy, meditation, and angelic recovery. While there are those who will feel highly that there is another roadway to healing, “Residing in the Back View Mirror” pays for a chance for others to relate to Kim’s life as they recognize their own requirement to pursue a spiritual service to discover release from their psychological discomfort in exchange for a hope in the seeds of possibility of spiritual, psychological, and physical healing and recovery.

A complimentary copy of the book was offered by an agent of the author in exchange for a truthful and reasonable evaluation.

Mill City Press, Inc.
213 3rd Opportunity North, Suite 209
Minneapolis, MN 55401
978-1934937846, $ 16.95, 2009, 273 Pages

From Drug Abuse to a Life of Compound, Residing In the Back View Mirror by Kim Vazquex

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