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Watchmen Mania Manga!

Watchmen Mania Manga!

I am a huge fan of manga and enjoy them as much as American comics. If you are not familiar with manga, it’s just Japan’s variation of comic books and are generally shown in white and black. It’s nearly as if I am seeing an animated animation right on paperback type Whenever I check out manga. Comics … lol … got ta enjoy them.

Another resemblance in between the Japanese and american cultures. Got ta Love it too. Comics and manga can definitelys be counted as a knowing source when it concerns literature, culture, and composing design. Manga is eventually a tool to utilize for those people finding out how to check out Japanese, likewise the combination of expressions and words. This can show to be rather a possession and pleasurable at the very same time. A mix that can just shoot straight to the top.

What I especially like is when a comics ends up being so popular that the next level for it to go, is motion picture type. Take the well-known Japanese manga comics Akira and Death Keep In Mind. And obviously on the American side we have movies like Spiderman and most just recently “The Watchmen” … which is arranged to come out a long time in 2009.

I can barely wait. No matter if you are a fan of American comics or Japan’s manga, I think everybody will definitely enjoy this motion picture. When I saw the sneak peek, I nearly did a triple flip. Examine it out here ( if you have not seen the trailer yet. Well, up until next time keep finding out and engaging yourselves in the japanese culture. Delight in the trailer.

Watchmen Mania Manga!

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