Life Lessons Discovered in a Texas Oilfield

Life Lessons Discovered in a Texas Oilfield

My very first driving lesson came close to eliminating me and my dad.

In late junior early and high high school, I had a summertime task of dealing with my dad in the oilfields south of San Antonio. On a sluggish day, we stacked into Papa’s business car (a Dodge) for my extremely first driving lesson.


I lost control of the clutch, and we stumbled into a clash with a battery of oil tank. As I worried, my ideal leg stiffened; my foot jammed the accelerator to the flooring.

It was all over; there wasn’t a shred of doubt in my mind about it.

However Papa didn’t panic. He rapidly cut the ignition and turned the wheel simply enough to prevent striking the tanks. We raked securely into the soft, sandy bank of a water pit.

He was not distressed; I WAS. I promised I would never ever, never ever, ever once again inhabit the chauffeur’s seat. I was done … completed!

” Jimmy, what’s this automobile doing right at this minute?’ he asked patiently, definitely noticing my panic.

” Well, uh, well … absolutely nothing, Papa. The automobile’s refraining from doing anything today.” ” That’s. And it’s NOT going to do anything. Unless you make

something take place, this automobile just will sit here till it’s a stack of rust.”

Lessons Discovered

We continued the lesson. I found out to drive that day, however I likewise found out 2 things that would follow me for life. I found out that Fred Sutton, although not an expert teacher, was an outstanding instructor. I likewise found out that understanding, self-confidence in one’s abilities, and significant relationships (definitely consisting of spiritual relationships) are effective remedies for whatever the world may toss at any of us. I have actually frequently believed how simple it would be for a moms and dad to shriek out or chew out a child captured up in such a circumstance, specifically when that moms and dad is likewise

scared. Who might blame them; the majority of us have actually “existed.” It would be a quite natural action.

I think Papa intuitively understood that lecturing me about my driving errors would have served no genuine function. Real to that idea, he never ever stated another word about it to me. He was appropriate if he figured I had actually found out that lesson well enough with no requirement for extra suggestions. For many years, I have actually attempted to follow his example, however not completely, by any methods. Put another method, here’s what I think it indicates:

It’s simple to be part of the issue, however it’s a lot better to be part of the service.

Papa died in 1998 after a gallant battle with cancer. Ever since, there have actually been sometimes when I wanted I might climb up back into that old Dodge for simply another lesson from a terrific instructor.

Life Lessons Discovered in a Texas Oilfield(*)
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